Particular Edits

  • OLIVIA STERLING in conversation with EDDY FRANKEL

    To accompany the creation of our limited edition print, writer, editor and founder of Oof Gallery, Eddy Frankel, spoke with Olivia Sterling via WhatsApp about the colour-coded meanings of food, tackling serious subjects with humour and Looney Tunes.


  • ALESSIO BOLZONI in conversation with FRANCESCA GAVIN

    To coincide with the creation of our limited edition portfolio of prints, Francesca Gavin spoke to Alessio Bolzoni about his view of beauty, influences and collaborating with the film director Luca Guadagnino.

  • NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE in conversation with



    To mark the release of our limited edition print, Particular Ideas invited writer, editor and curator Francesca Gavin to speak to Nicholas Cheveldave about his work, found imagery, ‘Kodak moments’ and John Waters.