Installation shots

"I've been asked if I was a dancer or if someone choreographs my sets. None of these can be too far from reality. I ask my subjects to move in a specific way because those movements are creating the possibility for me to catch and freeze a specific action. They never dance but they move and what I look for is that off moment, that wrong incidental situation that I see as perfect. Something uncanny that brings a surreal tone to the image."

–Alessio Bolzoni, i–D Magazine, 2020

Alessio Bolzoni was born in 1979 in Crema, Italy, and lives and works in London. He is an artist and photographer whose practice consistently crosses back-and-forth between the creative and commercial.


Alessio Bolzoni’s artistic research has always given focus to humankind and its limits, analysing the poetics of the metaphoric borders between the individuals and their environment. His research started in 2017 with the publication of the photographic book Abuse, in which a series of flowers were documented while approaching death.


The following year, 2018, Bolzoni published another volume, Abuse II: The Uncanny. In it, the interstitial space existing between use and abuse, was deployed through a collection of pictures of male and female bodies. A smaller publication named Event was produced alongside the book, where the artist portrayed several used and distressed garments belonging to a Syrian refugee.


In 2020, during the final stages of the harsh Italian lockdown, Bolzoni conceived the installation Action-Reaction, curated by Teresa Macrì, that took place in Milan. A series of billboards with the images of his book Abuse II: The Uncanny were placed in different parts of the City, virtually encompassing the entire urban fabric.


In 2021 he was invited to participate in an exhibition at Heni Artists Agency in London alongside the painter Christopher Orr, exhibiting his work from Abuse for the first time.


Alongside his artistic work, he has produced imagery for clients such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Off-White and Valentino, and worked extensively with the Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, shooting stills for Call Me by Your NameSuspiria, and We Are Who We Are. 




Action-Reaction, outdoor billboard project, curated by Teresa Macrì, Milan, Italy




Alessio Bolzoni + Christopher Orr, Heni Artists Agency, London, UK